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I graduated from The University of Brighton with a combined BA honours degree in Fashion Design with Business in 2010. I then eagerly made my way to the East end of London, where I worked for an independent fashion label, called TdlM. I have since enjoyed working on a number of exciting projects with it’s creative director, Christopher Kelly. These have varied enormously, and include; ‘107 Flowers’ by Simon Costin, for whom we also created a bespoke outfit to wear at the ‘Jack in the Green’ Mayday festival, through to larger scale projects, such as Greenpeace’s ‘Aurora’ campaign, something I feel very privileged and proud to have played a small part in. Following my fashion roots, I have also assisted the stylist Lotta Aspenberg on both advertising and editorial shoots, including; I.T POST, TOWN magazine, ZOO, and Candy (the first transversal style magazine). Most recently I have assisted the costume designer Meentje Neilsen on a west end musical. 

I hope I can continue to work on diverse challenges such as these, so if you are interested in collaborating, please get in touch.

For now I hope you enjoy a glimpse of some of the things I am interested in and I'm working on…

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